Fenlake Global Limited

Who We Are

Fenlake Global Limited excels at crafting high-quality, tailored iOS apps swiftly, leveraging dependable technology and impeccable design. Our conviction lies in ensuring that every application integrates seamlessly into your customer's journey, enhancing their overall engagement with your brand. Our adept team thrives on innovation and embraces challenges, consistently achieving breakthroughs as a core part of our approach.

Our Product

Heart Health Monitor

Effortlessly track your heart rate, access valuable cardiovascular insights, set personalized goals, and optimize your well-being. Stay attuned to your body, make well-informed decisions, and take control of your heart health with cutting-edge technology. Begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today!

Calorie Tracker

Track your daily nutritional intake, set goals tailored to your needs, and acquire valuable insights into your dietary habits. Stay motivated, make informed decisions, and effortlessly maintain confidence in managing your diet!

Our Team

iOS Developer
UX Designer

Fenlake Global Limited